Excellent Services

Jon Kanareck, Director of Operations

“We want to be sure we are delivering the services residents want, so we will improve the way we consult and listen, especially on issues we know are of great importance to them. Over the next three years, we will talk to residents about how we should spend £120,000 to enhance their estate environment and an extra £180,000 on managing the quality of the green spaces around their homes. We are also reviewing and improving our approach to resident consultation on the delivery of major works.”

Jon Kanareck, Director of Operations

We improved several services during 2017-18. We have:

  • Worked closely with the London Fire Brigade to make sure we keep our residents safe.
  • Installed sprinklers in all 18 of our sheltered housing schemes and have begun fitting them in hostels and in every new home we build.
  • Improved our estate sweeping and removal of large household items by ensuring we visit every estate once a week and respond to reports of fly tipping within two working days.
  • Spent £15.4 million on carrying out repairs and maintenance. Our repairs team also replaced over 300 kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Planted 6,000 brand new spring shrubs on 30 different estates.
  • Helped residents make their money go further by helping them move to a cheaper energy supplier, run budget training sessions, and claim over £560,000 in entitled benefits.
  • Changed our call answering targets to 90% of calls answered within 2 minutes.

You can find out what other improvements we’ve made to our services in our Annual Report 2017.

Our 2-year plan for providing Excellent Services

This includes:

  • Investing in new technologies to further improve our online services. For instance, making access to our online services more mobile friendly and developing an App so residents have a more complete idea of services on their estate.
  • Installing WiFi in all 18 sheltered housing schemes.
  • Investing £180,000 in an additional grounds maintenance team to further improve the quality of the green spaces we manage.
  • Investing £120,000 a year to improve the estate environment, e.g. restocking flower beds, upgrading bins stores, improving signage.
  • Reviewing and improving our approach to resident consultation including on the delivery of major works.

See our strategy for delivering other improvements: