Results for 2017

Our report for 2017 concludes there is no overall gender pay gap at Lewisham Homes.

As at 1 April 2017, Lewisham Homes employed 514 members of staff. Of these, 83 (16%) were employed within our Repairs team comprised of skilled tradespeople such as electricians, carpenters and plumbers.

Median and Mean Pay Gap

There is an overall 2.54% mean and a 5.24 median pay per hour gap in favour of women.

Bonus Pay

Unlike many other housing providers, who outsource their repairs service, we have an in-house team. Our skilled tradespeople are our only employees that are paid a bonus. In a team of 83, there is only one woman which is the principal reason for the disparity between the comparative percentages:

  • The mean bonus pay gap is 4.94% and the median is 12.2% in favour of men.
  • 24.12% of the male workforce receive a bonus payment.
  • 0.57% of the female workforce receive a bonus payment.

Breakdown of quartile bands

The ratios of staff within the quartile bands is as follows:

  • Quartile A (upper quartile or highest-earning staff): 70% men / 30% women
  • Quartile B (upper middle quartile): 59% men / 41% women
  • Quartile C (lower middle quartile): 50% men / 50% women
  • Quartile D (lower quartile or lowest-earning staff): 85% men / 15% women

Within the top 25% of earners, there are 99 men and 38 women including trades staff who are working on a bonus scheme. This gives a ratio split of 70% men / 30% women. However, if the trades staff are removed, there are 55 men and 38 women which gives a ratio split of 59% men / 41% women.

Next steps

Although there is no overall gender pay gap at Lewisham Homes, we are taking steps to encourage more women to join us as skilled tradespeople as well as supporting the development of female staff across all professions. We will do this by:

  • Ensuring we advertise new roles as widely as possible while also targeting under-represented groups such as women.
  • Attending schools within the borough to talk to girls aged 12-13 about training opportunities at Lewisham Homes, before they choose their GCSE options. Key to this will be the involvement of female staff such as our Head of Repairs and skilled tradeswoman.
  • Running a series of programmes, e.g. Aspiring Managers Programme, Talent Management Programme (developing leaders).