Definition of a complaint

Customer Services surgeryThis page explains how Lewisham Homes defines a complaint

We define a complaint as a resident or member of the public expressing their dissatisfaction about a service we provide which requires a response. Examples of a complaint include when we:

  • do something wrong or badly;
  • Fail to do something we should do;
  • are impolite or unhelpful (this includes staff and contractors);
  • do not provide a service in time expected or specified; or
  • fail to meet legal duties.

What is not a complaint?

  • The first request for a service or where the first request has not had sufficient time to be delivered under our service standards;
  • A request for information;
  • An explanation of a policy or procedure;
  • An appeal against the amount of rent or service charges;
  • A complaint about another resident;
  • An attempt to reopen a complaint that is more than six months old;
  • An attempt to have a complaint reconsidered where we have already given our final decision.

If you have contacted a solicitor and asked them to put the Disrepair Protocol (process) in motion, we will not log this as a complaint. Instead we will continue to deal with solicitors and the legal action. However, where legal action is threatened, the complaint will be logged and if legal action is then taken, the complaint will be closed at that point. Where a solicitor is acting as an advocate for the complainant, this will be logged as a complaint and dealt with in the usual way.

Lewisham Homes can only deal with complaints about services that it provides or that contractors provide on its behalf.

We will not be able to investigate complaints where the complaint was not reported to us and the incident or service failure happened more than six months ago.