How we’re dealing with ASB complaints during Covid-19

Due to certain restrictions being put in place as a result of Covid-19, the government has put a temporary hold on possessions cases (the process through which a judge decides whether or not a resident should be evicted from their property).

However, since lockdown was enforced our ASB team has been successful in obtaining a number of injunctions to help resolve problematic behaviour from individuals causing problems in their communities. In the last week alone, the team were granted the below injunctions:

  1. Following an incident at a sheltered housing scheme we worked with our solicitors to obtain an emergency injunction against an individual who was threatening other residents and putting our staff at risk.
  2. Due to an ongoing case of noise nuisance against a resident with a young family we were able to secure an emergency injunction with the power of arrest to prevent someone from playing loud music during unsociable hours.
  3. Following threats from a neighbour, ongoing noise nuisance and an allegation of a hate crime, we obtained an emergency injunction to prevent the neighbour from contacting our tenant either directly or indirectly.
  4. We received a series of complaints about large gatherings at a property despite social distancing restrictions, with reports of drugs, food and alcohol being sold by the tenant and/or their visitors. Therefore we secured an injunction to prevent further gatherings, noise nuisance and the sale of food or alcohol from the property.
  5. With a history of ongoing noise nuisance from a tenant and her partner towards their immediate neighbours we were able to obtain an injunction to prevent the tenant and their visitors from causing further nuisance.

Want to report ASB in your community? You can do so here. Our out of hours professional witness service has also been running throughout lockdown. Call us on 0800 028 2028 to report ASB between 10pm-3am on Fridays and Saturdays.