Mobility Scooter Fires: Sprinklers Can Save Lives

Lewisham Homes has partnered with the London Fire Brigade, the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) to carry out world first experiments in fire safety.

We’ve made a short film about the experiments.

  • The tests examined how effective residential sprinkler systems are on mobility scooter fires.
  • We are responding to the needs of residents who require mobility scooters and a place to store them.
  • We are addressing the fire risk which the storage and charging of mobility scooters pose.
  • Our experiments prove that sprinklers can contain fires and prevent them from reaching critical stage.
  • We are using the results of the experiments to shape our fire safe safety plans for our new build homes, sheltered accommodation, flats and converted properties.
  • The full BRE report and video are available to view on this page.

Dan Daly, Deputy Assistant Commissioner for the London Fire Brigade said:

‘The action already taken by Lewisham Homes to protect older residents by installing sprinklers in their housing schemes should be applauded.

Their latest plans around the storage of mobility scooters recognise there is a need to help residents lead independent lives without compromising their safety.’

Catherine Goakes, Interim Head of Health and Safety at Lewisham Homes:

‘We are proud to be leading on solutions to this current and growing fire safety risk. We look forward to sharing our findings across the housing and fire safety industries.’

Link to BRE report and video:


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