Design & sustainability

Design & Quality

The homes we build must be low maintenance, environmentally sustainable, attractive and enjoyable to live in.

The quality of the original design and how well it fits within its surrounding environment is really important and we aim to put this at the centre of our development.

Our vision is to create thriving communities and places people are proud to call home. This will be achieved through well-designed buildings, street scapes, green and other public spaces, responding to the character and identity of the local surroundings and materials and using good architecture and landscaping.

The function, layout, size, shape, detailed features and materials of the buildings and spaces as well as their ongoing management are important considerations.


We are committed to preserving natural resources and increasing the use of renewable energy sources in the construction of our new homes.

We will provide well designed homes with a minimum adverse impact on the environment. They will be economic to run and long lasting.

We will meet the Code for Sustainable Homes level 4 on all our developments, and will seek to deliver some exemplar schemes to a higher standard.