Employment & training

We’re delighted about the employment and training opportunities our building projects are bringing to Lewisham.

Imre was recruited as an apprentice at our Wood Vale site.

IMG_2280 re

I got this apprenticeship because I came to the site and asked for a job. I live in the block of flats that looks over the development.  I thought I can’t lose anything by asking and luckily the Site Manager did give me an opportunity.

I took a different route because I moved out of my family home quite early and it interrupted my GCSE’s.  Even if you don’t do that well initially at school, if you focus in your young adult life you can make up for it.

IMG_2277 re

Basically every day is different. Every day I learn something new.  If you don’t learn, you can’t really get far in life.

Imre is now a full time member of staff for Bonds Builders.

Our contractors’ employment opportunities will be developed in partnership with Lewisham Council and local community skills and training organisations.

To find out more, take a look at Lewisham’s Local Labour and Business Scheme website pages where you can sign up for job alerts.

Search ‘construction jobs’ or ‘construction skills training’.