Tenant and leaseholder procurement training days

Lewisham Homes held its first tenant and leaseholder procurement training days on 10 and 12 December.

The community relations team recruited nine tenants and three leaseholders to attend the day of training on 10 December, in an initiative arranged by the property services team working in collaboration with Echelon Consultancy. The day’s activities included discussing what is important to tenants and leaseholders, preparation of tender documents, questionnaires and evaluations.

Following the training day, tenants and leaseholders provided excellent feedback, with all confirming their desire to be a part of the procurement panel.

Separately, the development team held a training day on 12 December for residents to procure the landscape architect for the Ladywell Leisure Centre site. As part of the training, they worked with on putting together the questions for the tender and will be involved in evaluating the responses in January.

The objective of the training days was to ensure our tenants and leaseholders have their say in the contractors we are procuring and the processes. With active participation from tenants and leaseholders we can ensure we have suitable contractors carrying out works to their homes, as we follow our values to empower and engage.

A tenant said: “I felt the most useful thing about the training was that it is a joint initiative of tenants, leaseholders and staff.” Another tenant said: “Most useful was having the procedures in place and being part of it. I was able to voice what is most important to me as a resident.”

Alys Exley-Smith (community relations manager) said: “I think it is important for tenants to be involved in service delivery wherever possible, and the procurement panel is not only an opportunity for tenants to have a voice in deciding which contractors we use, it also provides tenants with new skills that they can use.”