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This page provides a brief description of different elements of our community engagement framework.

Ways to get involved

Your views and experience are important in helping to improve and shape the services we offer to residents. There are lots of ways you can get involved in making a difference to the way we work.

Customer Services Committee

Comprised of residents, TRA representatives, board members and senior Lewisham Homes’ staff. This committee will support Lewisham Homes’ board, providing the residents’ input on matters such as performance and will oversee the CE framework.  It will also provide a progression routes for residents who would like to join Lewisham Homes’ board in the future.


Partners include the Albany, Lewisham Council, contractors/ suppliers, community groups and many more. We work collaboratively to fundraise and deliver projects for residents. This also includes delivering on social value contributions and ensuring contract requirements are met.

Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs)

Tenants and Residents’ Associations are independently established groups. They provide a forum for residents to come together and meet to discuss estate based issues. They liaise directly with their Housing Officer to find solutions and promote opportunities to engage.

There will be an annual TRA conference and quarterly TRA’s Group meetings to discuss common themes. Board members and senior members of Lewisham Homes’ staff will be in attendance at the TRA Group meetings.

Resident Scrutiny Committee

The Resident Scrutiny Committee focus on a specific Lewisham Homes’ service or process. The committee meet (virtually or in person) and do a thorough assessment of Lewisham Homes’ approach, with staff interviews and assessment of documents, policies and procedures. They develop an action plan, which is agreed by Lewisham Homes’ board and implemented by Lewisham Homes. Training is available every year for residents who would like to join the committee.


One off sessions (virtually and in person) for all residents and stakeholders to come together, discuss and develop an action plan on how Lewisham Homes can approach important issues and Lewisham Homes’ services. Residents or other stakeholders can suggest workshop topics.

Resident Panels

Resident Panels focus on a particular service area and provide a residents voice when looking at these services. There are currently three standing resident panels for repairs, procurement and community investment.

There are also specific roles, champions and steering groups for residents in development and regeneration sites. These will vary depending on the stages of development and requirements at the time.

All residents can apply to be on a panel and training may be available, if required.


Commonplace is a webpage accessed by residents to feedback on specific geographical areas. Residents who sign up to commonplace will be kept updated on next steps via regular news feeds and document sharing. The Development Directorate primarily uses commonplace to understand resident priorities when building new homes. We may also use this platform for major works, environmental improvements and more in the future.

Online sounding board

This includes online surveys and forums where feedback is sought digitally on specific areas of the business, or approaches to engagement. Feedback from the online sounding board helps us to shape services.

Leasehold forum

Lewisham Homes’ Home Ownership team oversees this forum, which provides an opportunity for leaseholders to feedback to Lewisham Homes.

Lewisham Homes Academy

The Academy is a one-stop shop for residents wishing to access training and employment opportunities. It includes support with finding employment, training, work experience and apprenticeships. More information about the academy can be found on Lewisham Homes’ website.

Building Safety

Residents will be invited to work closely with Lewisham Homes’ Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Building Safety teams to ensure residents are engaged with building safety management.

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