Antisocial behaviour

We take antisocial behaviour (ASB) seriously and respond to all reports quickly and sensitively. We aim to make reporting, interviewing and collecting evidence as straightforward as possible for complainants. You can read our ASB policy here.

You can report ASB to us at any time:

Online: complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Over the phone: 0800 028 2 028

By email:

If you have already reported this issue but need to give us additional information you can use the diary incident form.

By providing this information you give consent for Lewisham Homes to use this information to process your request which will be done in accordance with the data protection guidance.

You can report noise through our new noise app. See here for a guide to how it works, or watch the video below. Please note you can submit a maximum of 15 recordings per day.

Hours of service

Our ASB officers: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm 

Professional witnessing service: Fridays & Saturdays, 10pm – 3am
We work in partnership with a professional witnessing agency who are on-call for our residents between 10pm – 3am on Friday and Saturday nights. If you ring us to report excessive noise or other antisocial behaviour during these times, you will be put through to the professional witness on call, who can then arrange to visit your home or neighbourhood to listen to or witness what’s happening.

They will not be able to take immediate action, but if necessary, they can provide us with a witness statement and professional evidence to help us take enforcement actions against breaches of tenancy.

What we can do

We have a range of powers to tackle ASB, including:

  • Verbal and written warnings
  • Mediation
  • Acceptable behaviour contracts
  • Court orders and injunctions
  • Evictions

What you can do

  • All our residents should act responsibly, respect their neighbours and community, and ensure their children and visitors do not cause a nuisance. Committing antisocial behaviour is a breach of your tenancy, and you could lose your home.
  • Before making a complaint of ASB, ask yourself if the issue really is distressing, or if it’s just annoying to you and/or others because it’s different to your lifestyle or culture?
  • Consider whether you can resolve the issue yourself first by talking to your neighbour. They may not be aware that their behaviour is causing a problem.
  • Consider if the behaviour is ASB or nuisance. Click here to find out more about our definitions of ASB and nuisance.

What to expect

When you report a case of antisocial behaviour to us, our Housing Officers will support you by taking your initial statement, agreeing an action plan, and providing regular updates on the case.

Our ASB Officers will investigate the case, help gather additional evidence, interview the alleged offender and decide what, if any, action should be taken. If the case goes to court, the ASB Officer will prepare the case and give evidence.

Feedback on our service

When a case of antisocial behaviour is closed the complainant will be contacted by an independent research company to find out how happy they were with our service. The feedback you give in this survey is used to help us understand what worked well, and learn where improvements may be needed.

You can also share any comments or suggestions on our Antisocial Behaviour service with your Housing Officer during the regular updates throughout your case.

If you want to compliment us or make a complaint at any time, you can do so here.

Report Antisocial Behaviour

  • Email * REQUIRED
  • If you don’t know them, give a physical description (e.g. gender, height, build, or any other details about their physical appearance that you can recall). Please describe all the people involved.
  • Please give us as much detail as you can remember about the issue you are reporting.
  • Please give us an actual address where possible, or a description of the area.
  • Please give a specific date and time if possible, and how long this has been going on for.
  • Please tell us anything else about this situation that concerns you.
  • Do we have your permission to contact the people you are making the allegation about? * REQUIRED
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, mov, mp4, mp3.
    Maximum file size - 50 mega bytes.
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