Help and support

Your safety and security is important to us, and if needed, we can provide additional safety measures for complainants and witnesses of antisocial behaviour. We may also refer you to local partnership agencies to receive specialist help and support.


Mediation is an independent service that aims to get people to agree a way forward rather than have a solution imposed.

It can help with a wide range problems between neighbours from boundary disputes to noise nuisance, for example by agreeing reasonable times and volumes for music to be played.

The mediator does not make judgements or take sides. They help people to listen to each other’s point of view to find common ground and jointly agree ways of dealing with the problem. Solutions will not be forced, but agreed by both sides.

If you want to resolve a neighbour dispute through mediation, please speak to your Housing Officer or ASB Officer and they can refer the case to Crime Concern, who carry out mediation on our behalf.

Hate crime

We do not tolerate hate crime, and take every report very seriously. We will always investigate it thoroughly, and provide practical and emotional support.
We work closely with the Metropolitan Police and Lewisham Borough Council, as well as many other support agencies to make sure you have all the information and help you need.

Victim Support

Victim Support is a national charity with trained volunteers to help the victims of crime and their families and friends. It provides a completely confidential service that is available regardless of whether the crime has been reported to the police.

We can make a referral on behalf of you or your family, or you can refer yourself directly.

Phone: 020 8698 4583

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse can happen to people of all genders, ages and ethnicities. Domestic abuse can be between intimate partners, but also in other types of relationships, e.g. parent and child. Domestic abuse includes a range of abusive behaviours, not all of which are violent in a physical sense.

If you are in immediate danger, call the police on 999.  For more on how we can help, click here.

Community and faith organisations or residents’ associations

Many of these can support victims by arranging for local residents to help: by visiting on a regular or as and when basis; helping with practical tasks such as shopping; and, taking children to school where victims are afraid to leave their homes.

Counselling and advocacy services

In some areas, counselling is available as part of the help provided by victim support services. If not, general counselling services can be accessed through your doctor or other community health services.

Mutual support

If there have been a number of hate incidents involving a variety of victims, they may welcome contact with each other. We can arrange mutual support by introducing victims to each other (if they agree) and provide a safe place for them to meet if they wish.

Support to witnesses

Witnesses of hate incidents may feel as vulnerable as victims, particularly if they are also members of a similar social group and therefore also potential targets. Support can be provided to vulnerable witnesses, including appropriate counselling and target hardening. We will consider whether re-housing is appropriate and refer to the council’s emergency housing panel for a decision.

Health and Social Services

Lewisham Council’s Adult Social Care and Children and Young People’s Service may be able to provide support for vulnerable victims and witnesses with mental health issues. Health services are provided by the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM).

Where drugs and/or alcohol are an issue, services are provided by New Directions (Lewisham adult integrated misuse service) with offices in Forest Hill and Lewisham. Services for young people are provided by Lewisham young people’s substance misuse service.

Non-statutory support and advice services

We have a list of national and local agencies to consider when recommending support services.

Please discuss your support needs with the officer dealing with your case.