Looking after your property

As a leaseholder, looking after the property you own is your responsibility. But where do your rights and responsibilities start and end?

These pages look at three key areas when it comes to looking after your property – insurance, permission to make changes from Lewisham Homes, and keeping the property safe.

Who is responsible for insuring the building?

The leaseholder is responsible for insuring their leasehold property (defined as the “demised” premises in your lease). This includes the fixtures and fittings inside the property, for instance fitted kitchen units.

Lewisham Council, as the freeholder, is responsible for insuring the common parts of the building (defined as the “reserved” premises in your lease). This includes the roof, foundations, and communal areas of the building.

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Landlord permissions

If you wish to carry out alterations to your leasehold property, under the terms of your lease you must seek permission from Lewisham Homes.  We act on behalf of your landlord, Lewisham Council.

You must not carry out any alterations until you have all relevant permissions because otherwise you will be in breach of your lease. In some cases, if this happens, we may have to take action to restore your property to its original state.

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Safety for leaseholders

Your safety is our priority.  It’s important that you understand your responsibilities as a leaseholder and as a landlord if you sublet your property.

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