Safety for leaseholders

Your safety is our priority.  It’s important that you understand your responsibilities as a leaseholder and as a landlord if you sublet your property.

Fire Doors










The safety of our residents is our priority. It is important you understand your responsibilities as a leaseholder and a landlord if you sublet your property.

The Front Entrance Doors (FED) to your home is your responsibility. You must ensure you have a suitable front door which resists fire and meets minimum safety standards. The primary reason we are asking you to change your front door is to ensure the door will hold back fire and save lives.

The Government have been testing composite doors. A composite door is an exterior door made from a multitude of materials, instead of a singular material such as wood, which have been chosen specifically for their fire resistant properties. So far, none have passed the additional testing. As a consequence we cannot recommend a composite door to you.

We want to procure a Lewisham Homes standard complaint wooden fire door. Once we have procured this door, we will offer to supply and fit doors for leaseholders. The cost of this will be recharged to leaseholders. Resident leaseholders will have the option to pay in up to 12 interest free monthly instalments. We will write to you again once we have a supplier and know the cost.

If you decide to make arrangements to install a new door yourself, the door you choose must be a compliant wooden fire rated FD30S FED which has passed an appropriate burn test on both sides of the door.

The new FED and frame must meet the requirements of BS 476: Part 22 1987 or BS EN 1634-1: 2000 or equivalent standard. The door will need to be fitted by a third party accredited installer who will fit the door to the manufactures specifications and provide you with a certificate of compliance.

Once the new FED is fitted please provide us with a copy of the certificate as we need proof that both the FED and frame meets the required standards and has been fitted in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

If, you have changed your door to a composite door, please contact us to let us know. We are considering next steps and appreciate you replaced your door in good faith at our request.

For more information about fire doors and why they matter, take a look at the London Fire Brigades website.

Security Grilles

Please do not fit a security grille or gate to your front door or the walkway.

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) advise that grilles and gates cause a risk to your life in the event of a fire.  They delay how quickly you can leave and the Fire Brigade can enter your home.

We are removing gates and grilles fitted to tenanted and leasehold properties because we are responsible for making sure the shared areas in your building are safe.  If you have a gate or a grille we will write to you before removing it.

We do not currently charge leaseholders for any costs associated with removing security grilles and gates.

Gas Safety

Make sure all gas appliances in your property are safe by having an annual check by a Gas Safe engineer.

If you sublet your property, you are a landlord and it is a legal requirement to provide your tenant with a gas safety certificate.

quality heating gas engineerLeaseholders are responsible for making sure all gas appliances in the leasehold property are safe.

Our contractors QHS (Quality Heating Services) offer discounted rates for gas safety checks to resident leaseholders and landlords who sublet their property.

  • Gas safety check and certificate for boiler and cooker – £78 including vat
  • Gas safety check and certificate for boiler, fire and cooker – £100 including vat

Contact QHS today and quote LH lease to take advantage of this offer.
01494 795 000

Asbestos safety

We can offer you information and advice about asbestos safety.