Works under Consultation

If you have received a Notice for Repairs and Maintenance LTA 01410, it is to inform you of our procurement for Long Term Agreement contractors. This does not necessarily mean there will be work undertaken to your building. This contract is in place to speed up the process for ad hoc repairs when and where required.

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions & responses below are general and may  not  necessarily relate to your individual property. Please contact if you have specific queries  please  ensure that any comments are sent to us  in  writing  as  requested in the notice by the deadline stated.

What is happening?

The existing contracts that Lewisham Homes has in place to carry out support works for the responsive repairs service will expire in October 2020, so we need to enter into new contracts. We are also proposing to create new contracts for specialist support works and services.

What is a Framework (relates to Scaffolding contract)?

A framework is an agreement with suppliers to establish terms governing contracts that may be awarded during the life of the agreement. In other words, it is a general term for agreements that set out terms and conditions for making specific purchases (call-offs).

Under the framework Lewisham Homes will be able to directly award works to individual contractors in the Framework based on a pre priced schedule of rates or, in a framework with more than one supplier, can undertake a ‘mini- competition’ and bids are invited from all contractors in the framework, with the call-off awarded to the contractor providing the most economically advantageous bid for the work required.

The framework will be procured in full compliance with ‘the public contract regulations 2015

Why are Lewisham Homes procuring these contracts?

It is our intention that most repairs will continue to be undertaken by the Responsive Repairs Service. As such, these contracts are to provide support to the Responsive Repairs Service on an “as required” basis.

Why have I been sent this Notice?

When a landlord enters into  a contract  or agreement (which  may result  in a service charge) to carry out repair work  and services to your property/block/estate for a period longer than 12  months,  the  landlord enters into what is known as a ‘Qualifying Long- Term Agreement’.

Lewisham Homes intends to enter into ‘Qualifying Long- Term Agreements’ for a period longer than 12 months, to carry out repairs, across all the homes it manages through the creation of the contracts detailed in this Notice.

What does this Notice include?

The Notice gives the following information:

  • a description of the proposed agreements;
  • a general description of the proposed kinds of work covered within the agreements;
  • a reason why your landlord wants to let the contracts;
  • notice that you have the right to make written observations and give feedback about our intention within 30 days of the date of the Notice;
  • where written observations should be sent to and by when.

Do I have to reply or do anything?

No. This Notice gives you the opportunity to tell us your views on the contracts we intend to let. We are required by law to consult with you about the contracts before we let them. If you have anything you want to say about what we intend to do at this stage.  please let us know. If you don’t have any comments that is fine too:  you don’t have to do anything. We will write to you again at the next stage of the process to keep you updated and ask again for your views.

Please keep a copy of this Notice and any others you receive for your records. If you are selling or intending to sell your property now, or at some time in the future, please give a copy to your solicitor.

Would a new agreement mean a change to the repairs and maintenance service I receive?

You will continue to get access to the same repairs and maintenance services you do now. Leaseholders will continue to be responsible for repairs within their demised premises as stated in the lease.

What works are proposed to be included in the agreements?

The works and services which will be included in the agreements are generally listed in the Notice (see page 5).

Will you let me know the cost before you carry out any work?

Once the contract has been let, if we anticipate the works will cost more than

£250 per property in the building, we will consult with you about the cost. You will be sent a Section 20 Notice of Estimate telling you the estimated costs and giving you the opportunity to make comments and observations about the works. If the costs are less than £250 per property we are not required to consult with you.

What will happen next?

What happens next depends on the comments we receive from leaseholders in response to the Notice. Generally:

After the issue of this Notice of Intention, a Public Notice will be published in the Official Journal of European Union (EU). This is subject to the UK still being an EU Member State.

At present, all large public contracts need to be advertised in this way. This is to allow companies across the whole European Union to have the opportunity to approach us and let us know that they would be interested in doing the work.

Should the UK not be a Member State of the European Union at the point the Public Notice is placed, Lewisham Homes will follow statutory guidance from the Government in accordance with UK legislation.

Once the consultation period for the Notice of Intention has expired and regard has been given to any observations received, there will be an evaluation of all the expressions of interest and those short-listed will receive information on the tender process.

Interested companies will then submit their estimates/tenders. The tenders will be carefully appraised, and the ones that we think will offer the best service for our needs selected. At this point we will give you further information including which contractors we intend to appoint. You will have the opportunity to give your views before we let the contracts.

Once the consultation period for the Notice of Landlord’s Proposals has expired, and regard has been given to any observations received, the agreements will be awarded.

This is likely to be in Spring 2020.

How will Lewisham Homes decide who will take the work forward?

The companies will be selected following a (legally required) Europe-wide tender process. A panel of residents will be involved in the procurement process and form part of the evaluation team. We will take into careful consideration a whole range of issues (including your observations) when looking at each of the proposals and choose the ones which we think will provide the best possible service for our and your needs.

Making sure that our service meets our customer’s expectations and achieves the best value for money is our top priority and we want residents to be involved in the selection. We will write to you again (the previously mentioned Notice of Landlord’s Proposals) when we reach this stage.

Why can’t I nominate a contractor?

Because of the value of the contracts, under European Union procurement regulations, we are not required to publish a Notice in the Official Journal of the European Union. This will allow all contractors throughout the European Union to express an interest in tendering for these agreements.

Because all the relevant contractors in the EU will be able to get information about these agreements, your landlord is not required to give leaseholders or tenants the right to nominate contractors for these works I services.

Once it is issued you will be able to view the Notice published in the Official Journal of the European Union through the World Wide Web (internet) at the following address:

To access the search facility, click on the map of the UK.