Major works for Leaseholders

Our major works programme benefits all residents. Our promise to leaseholders is:

  • You will not pay towards any works to tenants’ homes
  • You will be consulted at every stage of the major works programme

If you are a leaseholder, your lease requires you to pay a share of the cost of any structural, external or works to shared areas that benefit your block or estate.  We can help you with your leasehold charges.

Section 20

Where an item of work costs more than £250 per property leaseholders will be consulted. In this instance, we will send you a Section 20 notice which lets you know what works you can expect, when they may begin and an estimate of the costs that you will incur.

If you have a question about the work on your Section 20 notice, contact our Major Works team.

If you have a question about how to pay for the work or the terms of your lease contact our Home Ownership team.

More information about service charge and major works.

We offer various levels of advice and financial support for leaseholders.

Your obligations as a Leaseholder

We must consult with you before any works take place so that you have the chance to feedback your views about the proposed work. As part of your lease you must contribute towards the costs of any major works to your property and to the shared areas of the building.

How we consult with you 

All of of our residents are given the opportunity to shape our major works programme. We will consult with you about the major works taking place to your property as required by legislation.

We also share information with you by inviting you to meet the project team and fun day events, by email, letter, telephone and text messages. We can carry out home visits if required.

Making sure major works are completed to the agreed standard

You have the opportunity to sign off major works that have taken place to your home and shared areas by putting yourself forward as a Block Representative. If you would like to take part in this opportunity please contact the Home Ownership team.

When to pay major works charges

We will send you a bill for your share of the cost of the works once works are complete and final costs are known. Payment is due within 28 days of the date on the invoice. We will send you information about the payment options available to you with the bill.

Support with paying major works charges

The Home Ownership team can provide you with support and information to help you choose the right re-payment method for you. For resident leaseholders this includes:

  • interest free payment periods of up to 36 months depending on the costs of the works;
  • service charge loans provided by Lewisham Council;
  • if you are claiming certain benefits, the Home Ownership team can help you to access assistance with your housing costs;

It is important that you read all the information sent to you from the Home Ownership team and contact a Leasehold Caseworker to discuss your options.

If you are struggling to pay major works charges

Please contact the Home Ownership team straight away. You can discuss your individual circumstances over the phone, or in person. Home visits can be arranged if you are unable to come to the office for health reasons. We will assist you in identifying benefits that you may be entitled to claim and work with you to calculate an amount that you can afford to pay. We will also discuss with you how you could reduce the amount you need to borrow and in turn reduce the interest that you pay.