Moving home

Lewisham Council is responsible for the allocation of properties. If you want to move home Lewisham Council has a number of schemes available. However, like many other London boroughs, Lewisham has a shortage of homes compared with the number of people who want to move.

If you would like to be on the housing register, you will need to apply online at To find out more about different housing schemes contact Lewisham Council. You can also download the Council’s rehousing allocations policy.

Please note: Lewisham Council has suspended choice-based lettings because of the coronavirus pandemic. For more information, click here.

Rehousing Development

020 8314 6455


Every week (except Bank Holiday weeks) homes available to let are published in a newsletter, which is available every Thursday in our offices and at:

Fresh Start

This scheme helps households who want to relocate to different parts of the country where there is a surplus of housing, usually the north of England, Scotland, or Wales. For more information visit the Council’s website or contact:

020 8314 8827

Mutual exchange

Tenants of Lewisham Homes are able to seek to mutually exchange (home swap) their home using Lewisham Council’s chosen online provider.

House Exchange, for Council Tenants & Housing Association Tenants, enables tenants to find a home swap anywhere in the UK. Any tenant can apply although you must get approval from your landlord before you move, and owe no money on your rent account.

Visit the House Exchange website to find out more.

To widen your chances of finding someone to swap with you could also register with the HomeSwapper website.

If you do not have access to the internet, Customer Services staff at our office receptions will be able to assist you to register.

Claim a grant for buying a house

If you are a tenant of a Lewisham Council property, Lewisham Council may be able to give you a cash grant of £25,000 to £44,000 to help you buy a new home. Not only does this help you get on the property ladder, it also helps to free up homes for people on the Council’s housing list.

Visit the Council’s website to find out more

020 8314 8827

Housing co-operatives

If you were to become a housing co-operative tenant, you would be expected to attend regular meetings and help make decisions on rents, repairs and other management issues. Anyone on the housing list can apply, by indicating on the housing application form.

Seaside and country homes scheme

Offers housing designed for older people mainly in the south of England. Anyone on the housing list who is 60 years and over can apply. Visit the website or find out more from Lewisham Council.

084 5021 2020

Under occupation scheme

Tenants with more bedrooms than they need can be offered smaller, more manageable homes through this scheme.

020 8314 8180

Sheltered housing

For older people who wish to live independently but with the peace of mind of a 24-hour alarm service and access to support staff.

020 8314 9906

Sheltered Housing website

Right to Buy

The Right to Buy scheme allows some tenants to purchase the property they rent from the Council. For eligible tenants the price of the property will be offered at a price lower than the full market value.

More information on Right to Buy