Ending your tenancy


When moving out, you must ensure that everyone vacates the property by 10.30am on the date your tenancy ends. Before you move out you must:Give Lewisham Homes 28 days written notice by completing a Tenancy Termination Notice, and returning it to your local office;

  • Allow Lewisham Homes to inspect your property;
  • Have paid your rent in full;
  • Ensure the property is clean and tidy, and;
  • Remove all your belongings.

We have produced a handy leaflet telling you everything you need to know when you are ending your tenancy with us. It also provides information on the standard which you need to leave your home before you hand it back to us.

Useful documents


Informing others of your move

For a charge, the Post Office will redirect mail from your old home to your new one.

Make sure you tell everyone of your move, including the following companies (where applicable):

  • Your employer;
  • The Department for Work and Pensions if you receive Income Support, a state pension or any other allowance;
  • Lewisham Council – tell them the date you moved so that they can send your Council Tax bill and change your Housing Benefit, if you receive this.
  • Your bank, building society and credit card companies.
  • The Driving Licence Agency (DVLA) – please see your driving licence for details;
  • Your doctor and dentist; and,
  • TV licensing, gas, electricity and water companies.