Tips about your move


Here are a few things to remember when moving to your new home.

The Lettable Standard

Before you move into your new home we will ensure the property is safe, clean and in a reasonable state of repair, this is called the Lettable Standard. This means we will:

  • Clean the property to a high standard;
  • Make sure that gas and electrical appliances have had a safety check;
  • Make sure that all water and heating systems are working (for gas appliances, a gas recommission appointment will be required from the gas contractor); and
  • Issue new tenants with a gas safety certificate and NICEIC electrical inspection certificate.

Keys to your new home

We will give you two new keys for each lock and two fobs (where applicable) for your new home. You will have to pay for any extra keys or additional fobs. You can order fobs from our online shop.

Going away

If you are going to be away from your home for more than 28 days you will need to inform your Tenancy Officer and give the anticipated date you will return.

If you are away for more than 28 days without informing us, we will assume you have abandoned the property and steps will be taken to regain possession and relet the premises.

Keeping pets

You can keep a cat, fish or caged bird and they should not cause a nuisance. You must obtain written permission from your Tenancy Officer for any other animal.

Contents insurance

It is your responsibility to organise contents insurance. It is important that you take out contents insurance against flood, fire and burglary.

Lewisham Council have an arrangement with Aviva . For an application form contact your Tenancy Officer.

Connecting gas, electricity and other services


When you move into a new home you will need to decide which gas supplier you are going to buy your gas from. You should arrange with your gas supplier to reconnect the gas at your home and read the meter.


You will need to decide which company you are going to buy your electricity from. When we show you around your new home we will show you where your fuse box is located and how to find your mains switch for the electricity (this is usually next to the fuse box).

We recommend that you keep a torch in an easily accessible place in case the electricity supply box goes off when it is dark.

Water supply

Your water supply should be connected when you move in. You will need to contact the water company and give them your name, address and the date you moved in. The water company can then set up your account. You do not need to do this if you pay water charges directly to us and we will tell you if this is the case.

If you wish to have a water meter fitted, you must ask us before you do this.

We will show you where your stopcock is, so you can turn off your water supply in an emergency. There are no rebates or benefits available towards the cost of water charges. However, most water authorities accept payments by installations.


It is your responsibility to contact the telephone company you would like to use. If you had a telephone at your previous address, you may be able to take that telephone number with you. If there is a telephone line in your new home, you may only have to pay a re-connection fee. Let your Tenancy Officer know your telephone number.

Your gas, electricity, water and telephone charges are a matter between you and the utility company. You are responsible for paying the charges for these services. Some suppliers include:

British Gas 0800 048 0202
EDF Energy 0800 096 9000
Thames Water 0845 9200 888
Scottish Power 0141 568 6401