Decoration scheme

It is tenants’ own responsibility to carry out internal redecorations to their homes.

However, we can assist elderly or vulnerable tenants to redecorate their homes if they have had no decorations carried out by Lewisham Homes in the past eight years. This includes painting and wall papering to walls and painting to ceilings.

You must be a Lewisham Homes tenant who either:

  • is registered disabled;
  • is elderly or an older person who is over 70 with support needs; or
  • has a long term condition which causes you to have difficulties coping or carrying out everyday activities.

Your rent account must not be in arrears.

In addition, tenants unable to carry out decorations themselves must not have someone living with them who can do the decorations (i.e. someone who does not meet the above criteria).

Services provided

We will be happy to decorate up to two rooms for you, or the hallway and landing if you live in a property with stairs, once every 8 years.

Am I guaranteed to be helped?

The internal decoration programme has a limited budget, so any requests that cannot be fulfilled in a particular financial year will be carried over into the following financial year.

How long will I have to wait?

The works supervisor will contact you to measure up and arrange for the works to start but we aim to complete the works within six weeks.

To apply for internal decorations as a vulnerable resident, you can either visit our office to complete an application form, or fill in one below.