Who is responsible for what?

We are responsible for various repairs due to general wear and tear within tenanted properties.  Some of these repairs are listed below:

  • Leaks to baths, basins, sinks or toilets
  • Blocked toilets
  • Toilet not flushing
  • Repairs to front / back entrance doors
  • Faulty locks that Lewisham Homes installed to front doors / back doors and windows
  • Repairs to kitchen doors / bathroom doors
  • Kitchen units, work tops and draws
  • Repairs to windows
  • All structural repairs
  • Roof leaks
  • Loss of electrics
  • Loss of water supply

As part of your Tenancy Agreement you are responsible for minor repair work to your home such as:

  • Replacing batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Fencing repairs to individual properties, unless the fencing is installed by us or where it is a health and safety hazard
  • Repairs to fixtures, fittings and equipment not provided by us (for example curtain rails, ovens and garden sheds)
  • Repair/replace toilet seats, bath panels, plugs and chains on baths, basins, or sinks
  • Glazing repairs to internal doors and cupboards (but not security glass)
  • Replace (unless you live in sheltered or extra care housing) keys and locks when keys are lost or members of the household are locked out
  • Renew indoor fluorescent tubes and other light bulbs
  • Repair/replace electrical plugs (not socket outlets) and fuses
  • Repair/replace internal doors and locks, door furniture such as handles, letterboxes, cupboard catches and hinges (but not kitchen, bathroom or toilet doors)
  • Other than where such items have been fitted by us, fit waste and supply pipe work for washing machines and dishwashers and vents for tumble driers
  • Keep gully grids clear of leaves and rubbish
  • Unblock waste pipes to sinks, basins, and baths where the blockage is in your home
  • Repair minor plaster cracks and internal decorations and maintain wall and floor tiles
  • Replace glass in windows, unless it is caused by vandalism or a break in
  • Ease/adjust internal door, locks and window hinges (but not kitchen, bathroom doors)

For more details on your responsibilities, and help with do-it-yourself repairs, download our Repairs Guide, see the bottom of this page.

Your responsibilities are also outlined in your Tenancy Agreement. You are responsible for any damage caused by you, members of your household, or your visitors, and you must fix any damage. If you do not do this, Lewisham Homes can enter your home to carry out the work and recharge the cost to the tenant.

Improvements to your home

If you want to do improvements and alterations to your home, you must get our written permission before you do any work. If the work you want to carry out needs building and/or planning permission, it is your responsibility to get this permission. If you do not, you could be asked to restore the property to the original condition – at your own expense.