Help us to stamp out housing fraud


When somebody with a council house rents it out without permission or obtains a home through providing false information, they are guilty of housing fraud.

There are different types of housing fraud including;

Illegal subletting – the tenant lives elsewhere and sublets the whole of the property to others.

Abandonment – the tenant no longer lives at the property, leaving it empty.

Illegal occupation – Sometimes people move in to abandoned properties they should not be living in. This is called illegal occupation or squatting.

This includes situations where the original tenant has moved out and is sub-letting. This is not permitted under our Tenancy Agreement and we will seek to regain possession of our property.

Fraudulent application –a person gets a property by giving false information in their application, for example, not telling us they are renting another council or housing association property.

If you suspect someone in your neighbourhood is committing this crime, report it now! People who are committing housing fraud are denying homes to people in genuine need. It’s not fair.

What can you do to help?

If you suspect someone is committing housing fraud, let us know using the form below. It could make a real difference. Anything you tell us will be held in the strictest confidence. All reports can be made anonymously.

What happens next?

We will investigate your concerns and take the necessary action. If someone is found to have committed housing fraud that person could lose their tenancy.

You can contact us on:

Phone: 0800 028 2 028


Post: Freepost, Lewisham Homes, SE6 4RU.


Occupancy Checks form

  • It would assist us in our investigation if we can contact you to discuss these allegations/concerns further. If you are happy to do this, please leave your details below. Your name will not be disclosed, unless you give us permission otherwise.
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