Recharging reasonable costs


We will recharge you reasonable costs and legal costs where applicable, for any damage you have caused to your property or surrounding area.

Your  Tenancy Agreement states that you will be recharged reasonable costs for correcting any damage that you have caused. This includes (but is not limited to) clearing dumped items from communal areas or changing locks because we have had to force entry into your property. Reasonable costs also include an administrative fee of 15% and any legal charges we incur.

You will usually be sent a bill for the cost of the damage caused including any damage to your property and its fixtures or fittings.

If you contact our repair staff to report that you have accidentally broken a window and do not have a crime reference number or if you have lost your keys and need your locks changed, we will recharge those costs to you. You can make a payment on the spot by debit or credit card after which one of our operatives will carry out this work for you.

We also expect you to leave your property clear of rubbish when ending a tenancy, to avoid a bill for the cost of clearing the property and the 15% administrative fee.