Right to Buy application process


Please refer to the Right to Buy booklet for more comprehensive advice about the right to buy scheme or contact Home Ownership Services.

  • Send your completed RTB1 form to the Lewisham Homes address.
  • Use recorded delivery or deliver it by hand and get a receipt – it is an important legal document.
  • Keep a copy of the completed form for yourself.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of the RTB1 within five working days.
  • We will write to your housing office to confirm the occupants of your property and that you hold a secure tenancy. Family members living with you who wish to share in the application may be asked to provide proof that they have lived in the property for the previous 12 months.

You may be eligible for the right to buy scheme if you have had a public sector tenancy for at least five years.

Help us to help you

Please ensure that your housing office has up-to-date information about the people who live at your address, this includes details such as a surname change. Your application could be denied if the information you give differs from that held at your housing office.

You will be sent a notice responding to your claim within four weeks. If we need details from another landlord, it may take us up to eight weeks to respond.

If your Right to Buy is accepted

You will be contacted by a Valuer appointed by Lewisham Council or its agents, who will make an appointment to inspect your home to assess its value. Please make sure you keep appointments, if you don’t it will result in your home being valued on by external inspection only.

Once we have received the valuation we will send you your Landlord’s Offer Notice (S125) within eight weeks if your property is a house or 12 weeks if your property is a flat. The Offer Notice tells you:

  • the amount of discount you will receive (maximum of £100,000);
  • the purchase price of the property;
  • estimated annual service charges; and
  • estimated major works if your home is a flat or maisonette.

You must reply in writing to the Landlord’s Offer Notice (S125) within 12 weeks stating if you wish to:

  • accept the offer;
  • appeal to the District Valuer to have the market value of your home reassessed; or
  • withdraw your application.

Please note, the District Valuer has the authority to increase or lower the

Council’s valuation. If you decide to appeal, a new offer will be sent to you when the District Valuers report has been received.

When you have accepted the offer, plans of your property will be prepared and your documents forwarded to Lewisham Homes’ solicitors.

If you do not complete the purchase in the time specified to you by our solicitor, you will be served two successive 56 day notices in which to complete the purchase. Your application may be withdrawn if the purchase does not go ahead within the set time frame.