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We want you to love where you live. Together we can make sure your environment is clean and safe.

Who does what

Not sure which services we provide?

Take a look at our estate picture which shows the areas we look after and which services are provided by Lewisham Council.

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Our responsibilities:

  1. Blocked bin chutes
  2. Cleaning inside your building
  3. Graffiti inside your building
  4. Dirty landings and entrances
  5. Sweeping outside your building to all hard surface areas including estate roads, parking areas and pathways
  6. Gardening – looking after the green spaces on your estate
  7. Removal of large household items and fly-tipping on your estate
  8. Lighting on your estate
  9. Pest control treatments to buildings where more than one property is affected
  10. Estate roads and path repairs
  11. Estate parking permits
  12. Play area repairs

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Lewisham Council’s responsibilities:

  1. Small rubbish and food waste collection
  2. Recycling
  3. Street lighting not on estate roads
  4. Cleaning and maintenance of public paths and highways
  5. Tree maintenance
  6. Free mattress recycling service
  7. Graffiti outside your building
  8. Abandoned vehicles
  9. Animal welfare
  10. Fly-tipping not on Lewisham Homes managed estates
  11. Pot holes on public highways
  12. Street parking not on Lewisham Homes managed estates
  13. Pest control treatments – this is a chargeable service

Contact Lewisham Council  to report these issues.