Estate services

Our staff work together to make sure you love where you live.  These are the estate services we offer and the standards you can expect from our Environment team.

Estate sweeping
Bulk waste collection


Our caretakers clean and maintain the shared areas on your estates.

Estate services


Every day our caretakers will:

  • Sweep and wash lifts and lobby areas and spot mop other areas
  • Sweep and remove litter from pathways, estate roads, car parks and lawns
  • Carry out health and safety checks for spillages and hazards in lobbies, lifts and stairways and remove bulk items from shared areas
  • Check rubbish chutes and clear blockages
  • Replace broken light bulbs and tubes in some shared areas
  • Report repairs needed in shared areas
  • Remove all internal graffiti, if it is offensive, within 24 hours

Every week our caretakers will:

  • Sweep and wash shared areas, stairways, landings and corridors
  • Dust ledges and railings
  • Carry out a full clean of the block, this includes:
    Sweep and mop floors
    Dust accessible ledges
    Clean accessible glass
    Dusting and cleaning of lights

Deep clean

Deep cleans will be carried out periodically. We will notify residents of upcoming deep cleans by putting temporary posters in communal areas. Caretakers will:

  • Wash light shades, walls and banisters
  • Jet wash bin chambers and enclosures

Further information

You can find out more about our caretaking standards by reading our Caretaking Standards Guide, available here.

Fire safety

We must make sure the shared areas in your buildings, such as corridors and walkways, are kept clear and free from obstruction because items kept here are a major fire risk.

Our caretakers carry out fire safety checks and report items which could prevent you and your neighbours from leaving a building quickly in the event of a fire.

See fire safety for more information.

Green Services

Our gardeners look after the shared green areas, shrubs and flower beds on your estates.

They visit every estate at least once every two weeks.  In the winter, they visit each estate at least once a month.  Find out more about Green Services.

Bulk waste collection

We provide a regular service to collect large or bulk household items such as furniture on some of your estates.  Collection dates are different for each estate.

Estate sweeping

We sweep hard surfaces on your estates, including estate roads, parking areas and pathways, once a week.

Estate walkabouts

If you have any questions or concerns about the upkeep of your estate, contact us.  Our staff can do an estate walkabout with you.

Pest control

We carry out an annual pest control programme to buildings that have on-going and historical issues with pests.

For pest control to a single or small number of homes affected, please contact Lewisham Council.

Window cleaning

We run a window cleaning service to the shared areas in some buildings on your estates.