Clear Corridors Policy

Fire safety is our top priority and we want to do everything we can to ensure your safety while you’re at home. That’s why we are taking a firm approach to ensuring fire safety by introducing a ‘clear corridors’ policy. This means that we will not allow any items in communal (shared) areas which can be easily set alight, support the growth of a fire or that restricts access in or out of your block. Fire safety is as much your responsibility as it is ours.

What are residents allowed to keep in communal areas?

  • If the block is enclosed; we only allow door mats.
  • If the blocks is open; we allow door mats and small ceramic plant pots as long as they don’t make it harder for people to escape if there is a fire.

Anything in the communal area must be fire proof, and not restrict access in case of an emergency. Lewisham Homes reserves the right to make a judgement on items removed.

If in doubt, please contact your housing officer or our environment team.

What will happen to my belongings?

Corridors and communal areas must be fire safe and free from obstruction. As a general rule, we will remove ALL items from the communal areas, other than those mentioned above.

We will attach stickers to items considered as high value, giving you UP TO 7 days to remove them. Lewisham Homes reserve the right to remove items without stickering them. Highly flammable items will be collected/ removed immediately with no notice given.

Depending on the value, items will either be disposed of straight away or stored for 28 days.

You will be charged a fee of £50 to have stored items returned to you.

How do I get my items back?

You will need to call and collect the item after paying the fee of £50. Which can be paid via the online shop.

Items of high value and significant risk such as motorbikes will be removed immediately to the outside of the block, they will always be moved to a safe place and secured.

I can’t afford to pay £50, what can I do?

You can make an application to pay by instalments, this is worked out as £10 per month for 5 months. Failure to pay will result in further action being taken.

Mobility Scooters

If your mobility scooter is left in your shared corridor/shared open balcony we will do our best to make contact with you in order to discuss more suitable storage options.

Alterations to blocks

Sometimes people make alterations to their corridors such as installing gates (across walkways) and shelving. We don’t allow this. We will refer this to repair department for removal and may charge you a fee to cover the cost.

How do I get rid of large items?

We provide a service for the collection of large items. For more information contact us on 0800 028 2 028.

I know someone who constantly leaves items in the communal area

You can report this to us anonymously, any evidence you have will help with our investigations. Repeat offenders will be dealt with by our Antisocial Behaviour team, this could result in an injunction.

See the policy document in full here [PDF]: Clear-Corridors-Policy.202001