Large items

Not only does fly-tipping look awful, but it’s also a serious fire and health hazard.

Do you know how to dispose of your large unwanted household items conveniently and safely?

Collection points

There are collection points on some estates for unwanted large items. We will let you know if your estate has a bulk waste collection service.

If you live elsewhere in Lewisham and need to get rid of large household or electrical items, you can take them to Lewisham Council’s Reuse and Recycling Centre in New Cross. Alternatively, Lewisham Council can collect them from you for a small charge.

White goods

Take white goods such as fridges, freezers and washing machines to Lewisham Council’s Reuse and Recycling Centre in New Cross.

Never dump white goods because these can be particularly hazardous.

Lewisham Council can collect white goods from you for a small cost.

Free mattress collection

Lewisham Council offer a free mattress collection service.

Report it

Please report dumped rubbish and large items, otherwise known as fly-tipping, on Lewisham Homes managed estates using our online form below.

Report fly-tipping elsewhere in the borough to Lewisham Council using the fixmystreet app.


  • Name
  • We ask for your contact details in case we need more information. All reports will be treated confidentially and your information will not be shared with anyone else. You can make a report anonymously if you wish.

  • Address (optional)
  • For example, outside the back of 1-14 Grove House, next to the recycling bins on the Evelyn Estate.
  • For example, black bags, furniture, mattress.
  • No more than 3 images.
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  • Did you see these items being dumped? * REQUIRED
  • For example, how many people dumped the items?
    Date and time the items were dumped?
    Was a vehicle used?
    Did you notice the colour, make of car or registration number?
    Do you know the identity of the person or people who dumped the items?
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