Residents and visitors parking permit terms and conditions

General conditions

1. The scheme will not create any additional parking spaces. Its aim is to ensure that only those with genuine reason to park on our estates do so.
2. Residents must park only in a designated parking area, on a first come, first serve basis.
3. Parking is only allowed on our estates where this does not obstruct the service roads or causes damage. The vehicle must not be parked in a restricted or on any grassed area.
4. There is no automatic right for any person to park a vehicle on estates managed by Lewisham Homes.
5. It is the residents responsibility to apply for renewal of their permits at the end of the 12 month period. Lewisham Homes will not be responsible for fines incurred due to outdated permits or a reminder not being received.

Resident permits

6. A resident on the estate will be eligible to apply for a parking permit provided that the vehicle (a car, small van or motorcycle) is registered in their name and at their address.
7. The original vehicle registration documents must be produced before a permit is issued.
8. The vehicle must be in a road worthy condition.
9. Vehicles with a SORN are not permitted to park within Lewisham Homes Estates.
10. The parking permit must be displayed on the vehicle at all times.
11. Permits must be renewed annually.

Visitor permits

12. Depending on the estate, residents can be issued with visitor permits to be used on a visitors car, small van or motorcycle.
13. Misuse of a visitors permit noted by the operatives will render the permit invalid.
14. Visitors permits are issued solely to enable vehicle owners drivers to visit residents on the estate. They are not issued to enable commuter parking or for any period that the driver of the vehicle is not personally attending a residents home.
15. Any abuse of the visitors permit will result in the permit being withdrawn.

Replacement permits

16. Replacement permits will only be issued on payment of the replacement fee. Lewisham Homes reserves the right not to issue replacement permits if it believes that they are being improperly used.
17. If a resident changes their car during the 12 month period the permit is in force, a replacement permit will be issued free of charge on return of the original permit.
18. At all times parking permits remain the property of Lewisham Homes and must be returned upon replacement (except in cases of loss).
19. If the terms of these conditions are breached, parking permission will be withdrawn.